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“I don’t only want to be strong just because I’m a guy, but I also want to be someone with deep emotions and a big heart.” - Kim Jonghyun


140917 Jonghyun @ Blue night radio

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    Blue night radio 14 / 09 / 19

  • J: ( saying Taemin is pretty) Rather than his face being pretty, the atmosphere that surrounds him on the whole is pretty.... It's unique. He's a prince but it doesn't feel like he only grew up finely.
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Random thought…so is it wierd that kpop idols  inspired me to try to get good skin? Also Danai Gurira and Lupita Nyong’o. I dont have bad skin but looking at my fellow dark beauties  like Danai Gurira and lupita nyong’o, added to this obsession of wanting  removing the impurities of my skin even if its few. I’ve always been proud to be black(despite my family thinking i want to be asian,ugh), and proud to be dark skinned(well im not african dark but what ever ha,im chocolate) but the moment i laid eyes on those two beauties,I not only developed new girl crushes, but also became fascinated on just how beautiful they keep there skin. They have that skin that even being dark, seems to make them glow.. I want this guys. I want this so bad.

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